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CAFEC is one of the original brands of Sanyo Sangyo. We have produced many coffee brewing tools centering on paper filters since our foundation in 1973. We feel proud to be the pioneer of paper filter manufacturing, especially, we are the first company who developed the cone-shaped paper filter in the world.

Since our foundation, we had continued to grow as an OEM manufacturer. However, always having the passion that "we want many coffee lovers to enjoy really delicious coffee at home" and "want to make products in which our passion is put in", then we launchded our original brand "CAFEC" at last in 2016.

We roast coffee by ourselves too. All CAFEC products are designed based on our roasting knowledge and our brewing theory.

The brand message of CAFEC is "Happiest smile by coffee!" We hope everyone to enjoy really delicious coffee at home with their family and friends. Brewing is not difficult if they know proper brewing theory and use proper brewing tools. We want to tell our message through our products, so will continue to provide high-quality good products to every coffee lover in the future too!


It is already half century since Sanyo’s foundation.  

During the half century, time has changed drastically; it is highly informed and now is in the midst of network society.   

Different industries such as convenience stores also enter into our coffee industry in a stream. In our coffee industry itself, instead of commercial coffee, specialty coffee becomes popular and is growing as an international trend.

With this background, we began thinking we should make our own brand to give our passion to people by ourselves.



Now we can enjoy coffee everywhere; in a hotel, convenience store and also in a plane. However, is the coffee really tasty? Just imagine if you are served instant coffee at the very last of a high-class course cuisine… how does it feel?
Sad to say, there is little restaurant who serve really good coffee, I think.
What is the "good coffee"? How can we share good coffee with everyone in the world? How can people enjoy delicious coffee at home? We have been thinking about it.

Our corporate message is “Happiest smile by coffee!” We do want everyone to enjoy a really good taste of coffee brewed easily at home: CAFEC is the brand born from such a passion.


Coffee Always FlaresEveryone’s Courage.

“Want to see your smile over a cup of delicious coffee in your daily life”
Start with Coffee and end with Coffee!
CAFEC only thinks about coffee and Always Fills you with happiness to let you Enjoy professional brewing through CAFEC coffee tools!
CAFEC complements your coffee performance perfectly; for everyone, for your daily life and at home.



“To form a deeper coffee filtering layer by Pour Over”- This is our answer for tasty coffee.

We have thought hard and conducted study - what is the best way for everyone to enjoy good taste of coffee at home easily?  After long time study, we got this answer at last.

That is to say, the longer time hot water soaks into coffee powder, the better the taste of coffee becomes. All CAFEC products were designed to embody this theory.

No need to do any special thing, everyone can brew good taste of coffee with CAFEC products and by fresh coffee beans roasted within two weeks.  Only that!  Don’t you think it is easy?

Cafec Cafec


There are many brewing methods.  Among them, nell-drip is an exceptional.  However, a nell dripper requires complicated washing and maintaining process so it is difficult to do it in daily life.  It is nonsense if you cannot enjoy good taste of coffee at home easily.  You may say it is easy to brew coffee by a coffee maker.  But as the word “God hand”, we think nothing is better taste than a coffee brewed by hand heartly.

So, that’s why our recommendation is still “Hand-Drip”.  All CAFEC products are designed based on our theory; to provide best taste of coffee like coffee brewed by nell-drip easily at home.

Wish you have the happiest time with coffee brewed heartily by hand-drip.

Initiatives for the achievement of SDGs

CAFEC initiatives for the achievement of SDGs.

Regarding the details, please read each product's information.
CAFEC continues to do our best to achieve a sustainable society.

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Coffee filter paper/Coffee equipment/Roasted coffee/Drip coffee/Stick sugar and milk/packing materials
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