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Mr. Sirichai Sakornvisava

Brewing coffee is a process of adjusting fine details, which no doubt, is something that rooted in Japanese culture.

A cup of pour-over coffee can be very delicate and/or horrible, depending on controlling and adjusting its fine detail. For example, how to pour water, or flow rate controll, or etc.

Pour over coffee community was excited with a different kind of dripper for years. But, one detail that usually left behind is the paper filter. If you tested the flow rate of all kind of paper filter dripper, you will find that Paper Filter play an important role in restricting the flow rate than the shape of the dripper.

With long experience in the coffee industry, you will find that CAFEC Abaca Paper (Contain 3% Abaca fiber) from CAFEC Japan performs noticeably better than others paper filter with High Flow Rate and Less papery smell. Coffee can be ground finer and achieve higher extraction. And, more importantly, less frustration from clogged paper.

Not only the paper filter, but their experience also result in good quality coffee products.

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Company Name Beans Here Co., Ltd.
Address 42 Soi Chokchai 4 36 YAK 2, Chokchai 4 RD. Latphrao, Bangkok, Thailand 10230
TEL +66-8-4514-2914
URL https://beanshere.com/
Company Profile
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