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Mr. Suhas Dwarakanath

At BENKI BREWING TOOLS we are always on the lookout for products and brands for specialty coffee that push the envelope of quality and innovation. There are not many companies out there that are innovating the filtration technology and talking deeply about the cellular structure of filter papers.

As a company that specializes in specialty coffee, we wanted to partner with a brand that specializes in particular category of FILTER PAPER and that’s how our search leaded us to Cafec and the master Shigeji Nakatsuka-san the founder of the brand. After meeting him in person we were amazed by the passion he has for this craft and coffee. Then we just had to have this brand in our portfolio.

Some of the things we love about CAFEC:

  1. Filter papers for different roast profiles. Very dark roasts also taste really good with these filters on a pour-over.
  2. Brewing techniques developed by the innovation team at CAFEC.
  3. Filter papers with different thickness for different flow rate which enhances different characteristics of the coffee.
  4. Two-Side Crepe design that reduces channeling and maintains an air pocket between paper and dripper.
  5. Lastly the amazing people behind the brand and their passion for specialty coffee.

We are honored to introduce the CAFEC brand to Indian coffee lovers as a member of the CAFEC team!

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TEL +91-9663270520


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