Distributors Interview

Why do you select CAFEC?



Mr. Christian Ethridge

CAFEC and its parent company SANYOSANGYO have been pioneers in the coffee industry.  We select Cafec for this reason and for the unapparelled quality seen in both the filter and dripper lineups.

We find the flower design of your porcelain drippers to be very innovative. The design in not only aesthetically appealing, but is proven to enrich the taste of coffee. This innovation is taken a step further with your Deep 45 Dripper which is designed specifically after Nakatsuka’s perfected brewing technique.

CAFEC’s filter line up is unapparelled in the industry. CAFEC offers a great variety of sizes and filter compositions. Each variant has something to offer our customers and maintains CAFEC’s high standards.

Company Profile

Company Name Brewista
Address 1133 West 27th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001 USA
Tel +1-307-222-6086
Web site https://www.mybrewista.com
Company Profile
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