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COLAB ltd (Jubran Coffee)


Mr. Mohammed Kamal

We have revolutionized the Iraqi specialty coffee market by pioneering as the first-ever specialty coffee roaster via establishing Jubrancoffee.com. As trailblazers, we recognized the need to establish the first tool store in Iraq, Kshtaiq.com, where we proudly showcase the most powerful brands that align with our vision of driving disruptive changes in the industry.

Among these formidable brands, CAFEC stands out as an exceptional product, enriched with science-based expertise. By incorporating CAFEC into our repertoire, we are poised to fuel exponential growth in this market, presenting specialized products that embody the perfect blend of innovation and quality.

Company Profile

Company Name COLAB ltd (Jubran Coffee)

Iraq- Baghdad – Al-Yarmouk – Al-Shawaf Street- Jubran Roastery



Email Info@Jubrancoffee.com
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