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HUSHUSH Coffee Division

Hong Kong

Ms. Kammie Hui

Hushush which aim to provide interesting hand brew coffee experiences to our customers. We believed consistency is the key to produce best coffees. We roasted our own coffees but also served guest beans all over the seas. I was influenced by the Japanese hand brew coffee culture and I believed each coffee should have it own brewing recipe. However, CAFEC can bring the best of it.

My strongest impression when I first met CAFEC’s product in Japan on 2019, is their foresighted development of filter papers, not only high in quality but also give me a lot of fun during brewing. It allowed baristas to extract ideal coffee flavours by easily to take more control of the throw rate. The brilliant idea behinds each filter papers and Arita ware flower drippers can only innovated and designed by the peoples who truly understand and enjoy coffees. Therefore. I believe we can use CAFEC to provide better coffee experiences to our customer. It is my pleasure to represent CAFEC in Hong Kong. 

Company Profile

Company Name HUSHUSH Coffee Division
Address G/F, No 2 Kam Po Court, Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square, Sai Kung, N.T., Hong Kong 
URL https://hushush.coffee
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