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John Goshen Agritech Ventures Inc.


Mr. John Carlo Miguel Martinez

I've been a coffeeholic for the past ten years and in those ten years, I have been trying to understand what the perfect blend of science and craftmanship is and how these would impact the final cup. Which is why and when I was first introduced to CAFEC's ABACA filters, it was a compete eye-opener for me on how a simple change in material can make a great change on the coffee extraction process. It's innovations like these that inspire me to be hungry for more knowledge and being able to share these to like-minded people around me.

What made us partner with CAFEC? Simple — We share the same passion and vision. Our company, JG Agritech, has a brand ethos that centers on bringing good coffee in the comforts of your own home. So that all coffee lovers, whether brewing professionals or enthusiasts, are able to speak the same language. Moreover, I believe the partnership of JG Agritech to CAFEC will be a great addition in completing our portfolio of products.

It's a privilege and joy to be working with a company like CAFEC. I believe this shared vision and passion we have would create more avenues for coffee enthusiasts in the future.

Company Profile

Company Name John Goshen Agritech Ventures Inc.
Address 18 Mantex Arcade, Magallanes St., Poblacion, Davao City, Philippines 8000
TEL +63-9177038558
E-mail carlomiguel.martinez@gmail.com
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