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Kaffebrenneriet AS


Mr. Ola Brattås

For a long time we have been searching for better quality and fit of the filter papers we were using.
It seemed to us that the rise in the quality of the coffee itself and the innovation in brewing equipment were let down by the filters the coffee was passing through on its way to the cup.
Our search for ways of reducing our environmental footprint further convinced us to search for other options.

After learning about CAFEC and the innovation and quality focus they have towards coffee filters we decided to test these.
The roasting level filter papers and the Abaca filter papers really fitted our needs perfectly and are the missing piece in our puzzle of coffee quality and environmental sustainability.
The passion that CAFEC show for all their products is contagious and we believe it shines through the work they put into making and constantly improving their quality.

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Kaffebrenneriet AS


Grønlandsleiret 32, 0190 Oslo, Norway

TEL +47 22 46 13 90


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