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KAWA Coffee


Mr. Alexis Gagnaire

Coffee is controlled by extraction, good water and above all with a good filter. This is why we chose CAFEC filters. Their broad selection of filters ensures you will always find one best option that will suit your roast or your style of extraction perfectly, whatever this is. 

We, Kawa coffee, spent a huge amount of hours for testing filters. In preparation of the 2019 WAC championship, we experimented with around 10 different brands’ filters until we found the best option. Through the combination of good water and a perfect filter, Alexis, our founder, got the 3rd place of WAC in 2019.

When we finally got the chance to try the CAFEC filters, we knew we needed to distribute the filters and drippers from CAFEC, to allow our customers to fully enjoy the richness of our coffees.

We are thrilled to work along CAFEC and provide this partnership and the chance to all our customers, to brew unique coffees with the finest filters from CAFEC. 

Company Profile

Company Name KAWA Coffee
Address 189 Rue d'Aubervilliers, voie A, lot 20,75018 Paris
TEL +33 7 83 03 54 42
URL https://kawa.coffee/
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