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Mr. Edmond Chu

People often say coffee is exciting and refreshing, and I agree, but there's more to it. Coffee is like life—full of different flavors and ways to enjoy it slowly.

Kohiraifu, a company based in the Netherlands, strives hard to bring high-quality coffee to everyone. Our name means "Coffee Life" in Japanese, inspired by the cool way the Japanese make drip coffee. We want to share this inspiration so that everyone can easily make awesome coffee at home and have a blast doing it. We're on the same page as CAFEC—they're all about "everyone can brew coffee" too!

My coffee journey with CAFEC started with a light blue Flower Dripper. It's not just a coffee maker; it's like nature, freedom, and a blue sky rolled into one. Unlike strong espresso, this dripper brews a mild, sweet taste that's unique and rich. It looks like colorful Dutch tulips—how nice is that? It's a perfect fit for Dutch culture!

Recently, CAFEC's exceptional paper filter has been making waves. It's like magic for brewing coffee! More and more Europeans are into the specialty coffee community, and CAFEC's paper filter helps bring out the special flavors. It's a game-changer!

We're thrilled to be a proud distributor of CAFEC and bring their fantastic products to Europe.
Everyone can make awesome, unique coffee at home.


Company Profile

Company Name Kohiraifu
Address Van Watervlietstraat, 2274JZ, Netherlands
TEL +31 (0)6 27 56 08 25
URL http://www.kohiraifu.com
Email info@kohiraifu.com
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