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Why do you select CAFEC?

M.J. Yukimu Ent. Inc.


Mr. Eric Hou

I first came across CAFEC via their flower drippers. It was the color and design that caught my attention. I immediately ordered 1 of each color, and upon the arrival of the 5 drippers, I was instantly amazed by the quality of the product. Everything from design to quality, function to usability, has been well thought out and I would say it is near perfection. In my search for coffee drippers, both for personal use and as gifts, CAFEC's flower dripper by far reigns superior over the other drippers I have found. I was filled with excitement and wanted to share this gem with not only the people around me, but also with the rest of the world.

Looking into the CAFEC brand, I have discovered that they are very focused on coffee. Yukimu is a start-up coffee company focusing on roasted coffee beans, with plans to venture into pour over equipment this year (2018) for the purpose of helping coffee lovers to enhance their coffee experience by using better equipment to bring out the amazing flavours and aromas from different types of beans. Knowing that CAFEC has other pour over related equipment, though the flower dripper was supposed to be the last piece to the puzzle, it started to feel like it SHOULD be the first item Yukimu carries, and the one that sets the benchmark for our standards.

Regardless of how perfect a product might be, for me, it is about the company and the people behind it that matters the most. I was fortunate to meet with Mr. Nakatsuka, the President of CAFEC, and Ms. Sakai, the General Manager of International Marketing Division, at the Seattle Specialty Coffee Expo, followed with a visit to CAFEC's headquarter in Beppu. In my opinion, Mr. Nakatsuka is a true leader and is someone I aspire to be. He is a dreamer and an innovator with a big heart. Likewise, Ms. Sakai is a very reliable, understanding, and a hardworking manager whom anyone can depend on, and I'll forever be amazed by her near instantaneous responses. Both Mr. Nakatsuka and Ms. Sakai are well respected and adored by every employee of CAFEC. I was genuinely touched and amazed by how well the company is managed. With key figures such as Mr. Nakatsuka and Ms. Sakai, I have confidence that the CAFEC brand and their product will stay true to its quality, and through leadership and passion, CAFEC will continue to be an industry leader in all pour over related equipment, from kettle to dripper, to the varieties of paper filters. This is why I chose, and have a strong preference for the CAFEC brand over other brands to promote and advocate with our limited abilities. CAFEC's products are made with care so that everyone can truly enjoy a handcrafted experience from bean to cup.

It is my hope that the world would come to recognize and appreciate this gem in the coffee industry. CAFEC, a brand built by a sustainable company with individuals full of passion and compassion, have my full support, and my sincerest wishes for its success in the future.

CAFEC's brand concept can be translated as, "Because of the love for coffee, CAFEC wishes to provide coffee filled with love and affection for people to have the utmost enjoyment of their coffee time".

What fascinates me the most about this brand concept is that although it might seem impossible to achieve in many ways, the Brand is genuine and true to its concept, keeping it real since the beginning, especially the raw materials that are used.

As mentioned above, CAFEC's products are handcrafted from the best materials that can be found. They are sustainable yet compatible for bringing out the most in making a lovely cup of coffee. CAFEC's products referred include the Abaca paper filter, the Tsubame pro kettle, the new deep dripper, and my favourite, the flower dripper. I am fascinated by how innovative CAFEC is to surpass its longstanding predecessor, the pulp paper filter, through the use of better materials to create the Abaca paper filter. CAFEC also challenges the industry with the Flower Dripper, an unique design made from the famous Arita porcelain for function and beauty, in comparison to plastic, or other unnatural materials made only for the purpose of generating sales. CAFEC's products are comfortable to use, and are made with care and pride.

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Company Name M.J. Yukimu Ent. Inc.
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