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Quba Café Serwis Kubiak


Mr. Przemyslaw Kubiak

The reason we have chosen CAFEC is the true belief that quality matters. We share the same philosophy in terms of ethics, business relationship based on friendship and love for coffee. 
Paper filters are as important as the water that one use for coffee brewing – CAFEC understands that perfectly! They make home baristas life just easier. 
It was so important also for coffee that we roast ourselves. Different origins, different colour, different taste profiles – we can easily pick the perfect filtering solution to bring the best out of our products. Adding the best quality accesories makes it a perfect match.
We are proud to introduce the best quality of CAFEC filters to our home market. Coffee lovers appreciate that too.

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Quba Café Serwis Kubiak


Starorudzka 10B, 93-418 Łódź, Polska, Poland

TEL +48-509-109-364


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