Why do you select CAFEC?

Message from CAFEC good pals

QuoKaff Crew s.r.o.

Czech Republic

Mr. Pavel Graf

We are a smaller company, but we really like innovations and new trends. 

CAFEC is a major innovator in the world of coffee for us.
CAFEC always offers a new perspective on traditional practices and technologies. And with its products, CAFEC allows coffee enthusiasts not only to improve coffee brewing, but also to experience a really delicious cup of coffee brewing at home. And this is the best news and experience for the general coffee lovers.

We are very happy to be the distributor of CAFEC in Czech, and to be able to bring the CAFEC products to every coffee lovers in Czech.

Company Profile

Company Name

QuoKaff Crew s.r.o.


HloĹžkova 358, Otrokovice 765 02, Czech Republic

TEL +420 734 445 599


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