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Sumo Coffee Roasters


Mr. Daniel Horbat

In my long career in the coffee industry I was always on the lookout for the perfect paper filters for my brews. Nothing impressed me until a friend sent me a few CAFEC filters from his stash. Fell in love with them immediately and used them for my daily brews for a good few months.

When I opened Sumo Coffee Roasters, I knew that I wanted to share this experience with my customers and to make it possible for them to enjoy amazing coffees the same way that we do, and this is why we got in touch with CAFEC when the roastery was still a "baby". We were so excited to bring the CAFEC products to Ireland, that we couldn't wait any longer!

As an industry, we're always pushing to innovate with new tools, techniques, processing methods, to move coffee forward and make everyone's mornings better. And CAFEC Japan succeeded in doing exactly that! Really excited for this collaboration and looking forward to getting our customers hooked on the best filters out there.

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Sumo Coffee Roasters


Unit 2B2 JFK Road JFK Industrial Estate Dublin, Ireland

TEL 00353 87 702 1964


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