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Tabella Co., Ltd.


Ms. Hyun-jung Hwang

“CAFEC” emerges from the artisanal craftsmanship of Sanyo Sangyo, sharing our common objective of leading the coffee culture.
This alignment prompted TABELLA to collaborate with "CAFEC."
Over the span of nine years, Tabella has tirelessly introduced various Japanese coffee brands to Korea, going beyond merely offering coffee equipment to also encompassing household items that bring joy to people's lives.

In the Korean coffee market, dominance was historically held by two Japanese brands and imitations from local or Chinese manufacturers.
However, we firmly believe that "CAFEC," armed with its manufacturing expertise and extensive experience, can carve out a distinctive niche as an entirely new brand in the Korean coffee landscape.

The ethos behind “CAFEC” lies in the pursuit of bringing happiness to everyone through a cup of coffee, a commitment honed over many years.
Consequently, their products are not only user-friendly but also meticulously designed for functionality, all from the perspective of the end user.

Moreover, the allure extends to the high-quality filter paper offered by “CAFEC”.
Leveraging Sanyo Sangyo's nearly 50 years of experience in filter paper manufacturing, the Two-Side Crepe “CAFEC” filter paper, developed through this wealth of expertise, ensures a smoother water flow compared to alternative options.
We are confident that this unique filter paper enhances the clarity and richness of the brewed coffee, making the “CAFEC” experience truly exceptional.

Company Profile

Company Name Tabella Co., Ltd.
Address RM#906-907&910, 27 Seongsui-ro, 7-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul 04780 Korea
TEL +82-2-476-1178
URL http://www.tabella.co.kr
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