Why do you select CAFEC?

Message from CAFEC good pals

Tabella Co., Ltd.


Ms. Hyun-jung Hwang

“CAFEC” has born from artisan-ship of Sanyo Sangyo, and they have same goal as ours to lead coffee culture. This is the reason why TABELLA work together with the brand “CAFEC”. Tabella has spent about 9 years to introduce many Japanese coffee brands to Korea, and we are not just suggesting the related coffee equipment but also household goods that bring happiness to everyone.

In Korea, the coffee market had been led by two Japanese brands and some copied products made by domestic or Chinese manufactures. However, I am sure that CAFEC who has the know-how and long-term experience of manufacturing can establish a strong position in the Korean coffee market as a totally new brand.

“CAFEC” is the brand launched by the manufacturer who continue to pursue how to make everyone happy by a cup of coffee for many years, so their products are user-friendly and particular about details and function because they are all designed from a user’s standpoint.

And more, we are attracted to the CAFEC high-quality filter paper too. Sanyo Sangyo has nearly 50 years’ experience of filter paper manufacturing. The CAFEC filter paper with Two-Side crepe was developed based on their long-term experience, it enables water to flow smoother compared to other filter papers. I believe clearer and much more tasty coffee can be brewed by the CAFEC filter paper.

Company Profile

Company Name Tabella Co., Ltd.
Address RM#906-907&910, 27 Seongsui-ro, 7-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul 04780 Korea
Tel +82-2476-1178
Web site http://www.tabella.co.kr/default/
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