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Mr. Morgan von
Mr. Morgan von

At von&vonnie we aim to give every customer an exceptional coffee experience, to do this we need to pay attention to every detail no matter how big or small. We believe that the details are what make the bigger picture exceptional. This is why we chose CAFEC.

Coffee for me has always felt ritualistic, taking the moment to grind your beans, pour the water and be mesmerised by the sensory spectacles of brewing and drinking. CAFEC share this vision, with their unique brewing perspectives and enabling customers to carry out these rituals at home.

As much as I enjoy coffee for these emotional moments, there is also a coffee geek within me that really appreciates the attention to detail on the range of coffee filter papers by CAFEC, the different papers and their different drawdown rates really allow me to modulate flavour at the most specific levels.

Environmental considerations are very important to us at von&vonnie, which is another reason we appreciate CAFEC, their ABACA filters are exceptional in quality and help to reduce wood usage in coffee filtration whilst maintaining a clean cup.

The range of products are exceptional, with form and function of equal priority. I remember very clearly the first time I encountered CAFEC Paper Filters and being astonished by the difference they made to the final cup, and since then I haven’t turned back.

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