CAFEC Deep Evolution!
Introducing the FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27
for your delicious one cup.

FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27 is designed with CAFEC’s passion that “we want many coffee lovers to enjoy really delicious coffee at home” and our special brewing theory.
Thanks to the bottom angle of 27°, we were able to bring you FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27 for one cup. No more difficulty in controlling the water flow. You can just continue to pour water to the center, and enjoy your “best cup”.

Easy to brew and much more delicious coffee with DEEP 27!

Deep 27 Deep 27
Clear Black

DEEP 27 Development Story

DEEP 45 was a dripper developed from the idea of forming a deep filtering layer by narrowing the bottom angle to 45°. However, due to its’ angle of 45°, it was ideal for 3~7 cups and not the ideal deep filtering layer for one cup.
However, we received many passionate requests from Japan and overseas coffee lovers wanting a DEEP dripper for single cup. Therefore, in order to spread joy among our coffee lovers who enjoy single cup of coffee, we researched and developed the dripper “DEEP 27”.
We hope that you can enjoy your best cup with DEEP 27, as a reward for yourself or to share with your someone special.

Deep 27 Deep 27

Why 27˚?

After trial and error, we arrived at the ideal bottom angle for one cup.

It took about 5 years from idea development to its completion.

(1) Even a single cup of coffee grounds can form a sufficient filtering layer (the sedimentary layer of coffee powder).

(2) CAFEC’s ideal extracting speed, the speed of pouring water from the top and the speed of extracting coffee liquid from the bottom are the same.

As a result of our research, we got the ideal angle of 27° for one cup.

The taste of coffee brewed with DEEP 27

Brewing with DEEP 27 will bring much more richness and sweetness to your coffee. It can pull out the characteristics of each coffee and extract only the pleasant taste components.

Deep 27
  • Deep 27
  • Deep 27

Flower dripper with a bottom angle of 60° (Cup1) and FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27
One cup of coffee grounds (12g) makes such a difference in the filtering layer.

Special structure of the dripper

In the development process of the FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27, we have always considered the dripper and paper balance and pursued the dripper that fulfills “the ultimate cup”. We were able to design such a special flower dripper structure, only because CAFEC has a thorough knowledge of coffee paper filter

Deep 27

Abaca+ Coffee Paper Filter For “the ultimate single cup”.

This time, CAFEC introduced a dedicated paper filter molding machine together with the development of FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27.

Launching Abaca + DEEP 27 Coffee Paper Filter!

Even with the unique shape of the FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27 which has a narrow bottom angle, only dedicated paper can secure an air layer between the paper and the dripper. So that it will form and maintain a deep filtering layer and let the coffee expand smoothly.

In addition, as a feature of Abaca+ paper’s structure, the height of the crepe is set lower on both sides, and the distance between crepes are narrowed to increase the total surface area giving enough space for coffee fine powders to adhere. This feature enables a smooth water flow. The speed at which hot water is poured from the top is almost the same as the speed at which coffee liquid is extracted from the bottom. And more, by uniforming the texture of paper, you can control the speed easily and get stable taste.

Brewing together with FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27, you can enjoy the "ultimate cup" with much more richness and sweetness.

We do not recommend using regular cone-shaped paper filter folded in half!

When you fold two sheets of paper with a bottom angle of 60 degrees and set them in the DEEP27 dripper, the bottom angle of the folded paper becomes 30 degrees, which doesn't match the 27-degree angle of the dripper's shape. As a result, as shown on the bottom left photo, the paper will bulge and create waves. This mismatch in the shape of the paper and the dripper, along with the difference in the number of layers (one side being one layer and the other being three layers) caused by folding, leads to variations in water penetration speed, making it difficult to achieve uniform coffee extraction.

Deep 27
  • Cup 4 paper filter folded in half

    1st layer part: The filter is wavy
    3rd layer part: The filter is raised
  • DEEP27 paper filter

    The filter is evenly in contact with the entire circumference of the dripper.

Uneven extraction cannot bring out the full flavor of coffee beans. For the FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27, please use the dedicated Abaca+ DEEP27 paper filter.

Coffee journalist Taizo Iwasaki
has been appointed as the ambassador of

Coffee journalist Taizo Iwasaki has been officially appointed as the ambassador of CAFEC's masterpiece, FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27, as of September 1, 2023. He was amazed with DEEP 27 because light roast coffee brewed with it was completely different from that of a flower dripper with a 60° bottom angle! He praised the taste, saying, “It has a strong body and richness, but also a strong sweetness. Overall we can enjoy a clear and mellow coffee.”
As the ambassador of DEEP 27, Mr. Iwasaki introduces the appeal of DEEP 27 on his own YouTube channel, "Coffee Journalist Taizo Iwasaki".

Taizo Iwasaki
Taizo Iwasaki
Taizo Iwasaki

"A coffee journalist who loves coffee too much"

Taizo Iwasaki, CEO and CEO of COURO Co., Ltd., is a musician, a coffee artist, and a coffee journalist.
In recent years, as a coffee journalist, Mr. Iwasaki has been active on his own YouTube channel called "Coffee Journalist Taizo Iwasaki", and has about 110,000 subscribers in about three years since the channel started. His channel has over 600 videos that cover a wide range of topics, from in-depth reviews of coffee beverages to introducing coffee beans and brewing equipment, as well as research about coffee pairing with food, allowing everyone from beginners who are just starting to know coffee to advanced coffee enthusiasts to have fun. His videos are enjoyable and knowledgeable.
So far, he has collaborated with CAFEC's YouTube channel, and have cooperated with CAFEC's information dissemination, such as interviews with CAFEC CEO and introductions of CAFEC equipment and papers.

Taizo Iwasaki DEEP 27 original color

Launching special color of FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27 dedicated to Taizo Iwasaki.
"A coffee journalist who loves coffee too much", this is a special gold-colored DEEP 27 filled with Mr. Iwasaki's love and commitment to coffee.


Exquisite gold color that shines brightly and elegantly is a result of layering delicate colors to symbolize the rich AROMA, FLAVORS like tropical fruits, citrus, nuts and spices, SWEETNESS and pleasant BITTERNESS of coffee.
Sometimes like deep amber, sometimes like champagne shining in the light. -TAIZO GOLD EDITION- will produce beautiful flavor worlds with FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27.

Coffee Journalist
 Taizo Iwasaki

Coffee Journalist Taizo Iwasaki