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Abaca+ filter paper

CAFEC Abaca Filter Paper has been very popular all over the world for years as the symbolic product of CAFEC thanks to the fast-water flow by the good balanced Two-Side crepe and because of an eco-friendly product.

However, CAFEC, as the pioneer of filter paper, always aims higher. We have kept making an effort to develop a much better filter paper with much more added-value, and as a company who aims to contribute to the SDGs, we want to make a much eco-friendly product.

Abaca+ filter paper is made by the new manufacturing technology “Fine-Grained” method; we succeeded to increase the paper surface area by narrowing the distance between each crepe, and more, created even water flow by uniforming the texture of paper.

Abaca+ filter paper is for professionals.
The roasting level filter paper is designed to control flow speed by the different framework of paper itself, while, the Abaca+ filter paper is designed to create a faster water flow so it is easy for professionals to control water flow by their skilled ability.

Abaca+ filter paper not only includes abaca, but also has the FSC® certificate. And more, the total volume of package is also decreased by lowering the height of crepe. Then, it will contribute to transportation cost reduction. It can be said that the Abaca+ filter paper is a next-generation product.

Fine-Grained Crepe
CAFEC succeeds to make an even and fine-grained crepes by widening the speed gap between the rotating roll and the dryer drum. This time, we succeeded to make much faster water flow by increasing the paper surface area not by the height of crepe, but by narrowing the distance between each crepe.
Manufacturing process
for Abaca+ filter paper
Deep 27

Abaca+ Coffee Paper Filter For “the ultimate single cup”.

This time, CAFEC introduced a dedicated paper filter molding machine together with the development of FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27.

Launching Abaca + DEEP 27 Coffee Paper Filter!

Even with the unique shape of the FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27 which has a narrow bottom angle, only dedicated paper can secure an air layer between the paper and the dripper. So that it will form and maintain a deep filtering layer and let the coffee expand smoothly.

In addition, as a feature of Abaca+ paper’s structure, the height of the crepe is set lower on both sides, and the distance between crepes are narrowed to increase the total surface area giving enough space for coffee fine powders to adhere. This feature enables a smooth water flow. The speed at which hot water is poured from the top is almost the same as the speed at which coffee liquid is extracted from the bottom. And more, by uniforming the texture of paper, you can control the speed easily and get stable taste.

Brewing together with FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27, you can enjoy the "ultimate cup" with much more richness and sweetness.


We do not recommend using regular cone-shaped paper filter folded in half!

When you fold two sheets of paper with a bottom angle of 60 degrees and set them in the DEEP27 dripper, the bottom angle of the folded paper becomes 30 degrees, which doesn't match the 27-degree angle of the dripper's shape. As a result, as shown on the bottom left photo, the paper will bulge and create waves. This mismatch in the shape of the paper and the dripper, along with the difference in the number of layers (one side being one layer and the other being three layers) caused by folding, leads to variations in water penetration speed, making it difficult to achieve uniform coffee extraction.

Deep 27
  • Cup 4 paper filter folded in half

    1st layer part: The filter is wavy
    3rd layer part: The filter is raised
  • DEEP27 paper filter

    The filter is evenly in contact with the entire circumference of the dripper.

Uneven extraction cannot bring out the full flavor of coffee beans. For the FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27, please use the dedicated Abaca+ DEEP27 paper filter.

CAFEC Abaca & Traditional Paper Filters

There are many kinds of coffee filter paper in markets, but it would be a big mistake if you think it is just a paper and there is not much difference even if which paper you use. Our CAFEC filter paper has “Two-Side Crepe”. Though another normal paper has crepe on one-side only the CAFEC paper keeps Two-Side Crepe by our original papermaking technology (Air-through dry). Thanks to the best balance of the height of crepe on both sides, it can keep enough air layer between paper and dripper so water can flow at an ideal speed. That is, “Two-Side Crepe” can be said a proof of good filter paper. It is a paper, but not just a paper!


Original Papermaking technology realizes
“Two-Side Crepe“ Air Through Dry

In normal papermaking process, paper is dried on a heating roller so crepe on one side is pressed down. On the other hand, CAFEC paper added crepe on both sides dried by hot blast, not pressed on a heater, so the crepe on both sides of paper can be kept as it is and enough height of crepe is maintained. Thanks to the best height balance of Two-Side Crepe, almost all fine coffee powder is attached on the crepe, so you can enjoy a clear cup of coffee without muddiness. Moreover, the Two-Side Crepe allows water to flow smoothly.

Advantage of CAFEC paper filter

Paper-making of CAFEC paper filter


Air Through Dry Wet paper is dried by hot air in a flat state,
so two side crepe is kept after dried well.


The texture of CAFEC paper mesh is fine, so water can flow stably and speedy.

Paper-making of normal paper filter
Hot air

Wet paper is dried on the rotary drum by adding pressure, so crepe at the drum side is crushed then a paper has only one side crepe. And more, the height of crepe is also lower because the paper is dried by being stretched.

Rotary hot drum

The texture of another paper mesh is not fine, so water cannot flow stably; water might be collected.

Roasting Level Special Paper
for Coffee

“It is said that taste of coffee is fixed by roasting, but it is not the final goal. To control brewing speed and water temperature are also very important.”

The founder of CAFEC; Shigeji Nakatsuka, as the man who has done roasting and hand-drip coffee by himself for years, always think “how easily enjoy delicious coffee at home?” and this also becomes his dream to let everyone enjoy coffee easily at home.

“Easily…at home…how…?”

As a pioneer of high-qualitied paper filter, Nakatsuka wanted to find an answer with paper to this question; he continued to study paper construction and at last succeeded to develop three kinds of paper filters to control each proper brewing speed for light-roast, medium-dark roast and dark roast by changing the drying process of paper making.

The paper filters are epochal products which only CAFEC can make, who has pursued paper quality and good taste of coffee for many years!

“Want to see your smile by daily coffee!” CAFEC pass this thought on to you.

For Aroma & Clean cupCoffee Paper Filter

Light Roast
  • - Thickness-1: Thickness 0.15 mm
  • - Density: High
  • - One-Side Crepe (No crepe on inside and crepe on outside)
  • - Temperature: 92°C

There is no crepe inside paper, so the inside surface area is small. Coffee fine powders attach within this small area, so little water path is left then water is building up inside paper filter. By building up water, plenty of aroma comes out. Further more, thanks to the outside crepe, the coffee liquid came outside flows smoothly.
Because its paper density is high, almost all fine powder is removed perfectly. You can get a clean cup of coffee.

※The rough surface you can feel inside of the coffee paper filter which is not defined as crepe, but due to the manufacturing process.

Light Roast
Inside Outside
Electronic Microscope
Electronic Microscope
Wet Creping Method

The roller rotates faster than that of the Dryer drum. Thanks to the rotating speed difference (the difference is smaller than that when the dark roast paper is made), the wet paper gets loose at the doctor blade. The lower crepe is made by the speed difference but the paper with lower two-side crepe is dried on the drum, so the one-side crepe becomes little then made the paper with one-side low crepe.

For Balance & FlavorCoffee Paper Filter

Medieum-Dark Roast
  • - Thickness-3: Thickness 0.28 mm
  • - Density: Low
  • - Two-Side Crepe (Good balanced height)
  • - Temperature: 90°C

The well-balanced Two-Side Crepe let water flow smoothest. The surface area is largest among the three papers so water path can be kept until last even if all fine powder is attached. Smooth water flow makes a cup with well-balanced rich flavor.

Medieum-Dark Roast
Inside Outside
Electronic Microscope
Electronic Microscope
Air Through Dry

Wet paper is dried by hot air in a flat state, so well-balanced two side crepe is kept after dried well.

For Body & SweetnessCoffee Paper Filter

Dark Roast
  • - Thickness-2: Thickness 0.22mm
  • - Density: Middle
  • - Two-Side Crepe (Low-height)
  • - Temperature: 83°C

This paper has the “Two-Side Crepe” but the height of crepe is set to be lower. The surface area is a little larger than that of One-Side Crepe, that is, the adhesion area for fine powder is also larger. In the first half of brewing, because adhesion of fine powder is not so much so water can flow smoother, but in the last half, its adhesion becomes larger then it applies the brakes to water flow.
The first fast and later slow water flow finish up the coffee with body and sweetness.

Dark Roast
Inside Outside
Electronic Microscope
Electronic Microscope
Wet Creping Method

The roller rotates faster than that by the Dryer drum. Thanks to the rotating speed difference (the difference is bigger than that when the light roast paper is made), the wet paper loose at the doctor blade. The two-side crepe is made by the speed difference but the paper with two-side crepe is dried on the drum, so the two-side crepe becomes lower than that made by Air Through dry.

4P Paper Filter Assortment
Why paper can change the taste of coffee?

―It lies in the structure of paper!


ABACA Filter Paper

It is made by the non-wood material ABACA (Manila hemp) and wood-pulp based on a forestation project. The ABACA filter paper can be said an eco-friendly filter paper. It has good air and liquid permeability, toughness, and elasticity. Of course, it is made in Japan.

Advantage of ABACA

The ABACA fiber is four times as strong as that of normal wood pulp though it is half thin of wood fiber. Thanks to the advantages, many professionals also appreciate the high quality of our “ABACA filter paper”.

JHDC official competition supplies

This is the paper filter which has been approved for use in JHDC (Japan Hand Drip Championship).
Some champions also used it in the competitions and is highly rated by many competitors.

SFP Filter Paper – Support Forest Paper filter

It is the filter paper which meets the traceability standard required by FSC® certificate; it is an eco-friendly and a sustainable filter paper.

We, CAFEC, make efforts towards realizing a sustainable society through our business. Therefore, our products bring quality and value to the customers, and as well as to the environment. We support sustainable forest management and has gained FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) international certification. We encourage sustainable forestry through the use of certified raw materials in our coffee paper filters, thus helping the forestry farmers and companies to sustainably manage the forests for our future. CAFEC will continue to steer our initiatives to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

FSC® Certificate


FSC® Certificate is a proof to show all people related with maintaining forests as one group; such as those who keeping forest, manufacturing , selling, and using wood products. Sanyo Sangyo Co., Ltd. is FSC® certified, so you can have FSC® certified coffee paper filters.